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An Affiliation of Web Sites

These Sites have been made with the intent to help your enjoyment and learning experiences on the Net, to be the best it can be!
We hope to amplify your experiences, through our co-operative efforts, by bringing you more, collectively, than would be possible individually!
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Here's our present Circle of Friends!

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Dimensional Doorways
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Council Fires
Council Fires


UFO-Alien ContactUFO-Alien Contact
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The Crystal TabletsThe Crystal Tablets

VJ Enterprises
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...From our collective consciousness to you.

We are proud to announce that we have formed an affiliation (...Web Ring, association, network, mutual admiration society, etc.) with some other web sites around the Net!
We have found that many of you are interested in a variety of subjects, ranging from the Paranormal to Celtic and/or American Indian, cultures and teachings, to the UFO phenomenon, to Alternative Healing methods, and other things along this vein. We believe that no single site can adequately cover all this territory alone.
Each of these sites are owned and operated by "single parties" (many "partnered", or married), with a particular field that they are most interested in. Everyone has their own expertise and talents that have been reflected in their sites as well.
For your benefit, we recommend these other sites, as friends of ours, other seekers of truth and harmony, as we all join in our efforts to grow together.

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Come, visit us all!

...The Affiliates, cont.
(in no particular order of appearance...)

Council Fires

Council Fires

What is Council Fires?

A place of knowledge. The purpose of Council Fires is to gather ancient wisdom and teachings from around the world. A place to share the wisdom of our forefathers with the children of the modern world. A library of traditions, cultures, stories and earth magic.

A place of questions. Council Fires offers a place to seek answers to your questions. A place to talk to other seekers. A place to listen to the teaching so Elders and ask their advise.

A place of truth. Council Fires seeks to help you find The Eternal truth. An opportunity to learn to delve into your past, back to the times when man
was more in tune with self and in balance with nature. Stare into the Council Fire and drift with the smoke back to your own beginning and learn the answers to why you are here.

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Dimensional Doorways

Your Personal Development is our goal. Increasing our awareness leads us to a state of mind in which Paranormal, "New Age", UFO, and much more are "normal" events. Join us, and other like minded people, in this *ultimate exploration* of our universe.

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THE Summerlands


The Summerlands is a pagan community dedicated to rediscovering, preserving, disseminating, and when necessary, reinventing that which was lost to us ... the magick, history, customs, and religions of our ancestors. We are about worshipping and celebrating the old Gods and Goddesses in Ways both ancient and new.

The Summerlands is the home of the Heartland, the resting place of the Sun, and the reflecting pool of the Moon. Though our accent is primarily Indo-European and Celtic, all are welcome who come in peace to share our fires. Our goal is to develop into a multi-traditional community that works in harmony. Our Ways welcome your Ways.

The Summerlands is a cyber community existing within an Other-worldly time and space ... a safe haven for Druids and Witches and Pagans (oh my!) <G>. Join us here, deep in the Greenwood, as we build our Community and reestablish the Old Ways into the world around us.

Come, enter within. Walk the Dreamways through the dolmen. The snapping of a twig ... the rustling of the leaves send shivers through your soul. Heed the words of the Greenman as the world spins away and The Summerlands await you. Come into the arms of the Goddess and pass between the hills of Anu as Nature embraces her lover.

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UFO-Alien Contact

UFO-Alien Contact

Ufo Alien Contact is a site dedicated to the investigation and exploration of the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects, Extraterrestrial contact and secret military projects. Eye witness accounts, government documents, mythologies, ancient text and archaeological evidence are all evaluated to bring as much light to this subject as possible.
Whether friends, foes, observers or allies, we have a right to know. Is our own government allowing abductions of citizens? Are we unable to prevent penetration of our airspace by unknown invaders? Did we get warned off the moon?
From biblical times to the present, cave paintings to
current photographs, the stories persist and the indications are that we are being visited. Are we visiting our past, is our future visiting us?
Are we an experiment gone astray or an evolving threat to the neighboring galaxies?

Interdimensional, extraterrestrial, subterranean, intentional fabrication or mass hysteria, the truth is out there. Join us in the search for answers to these age old mysteries. Help us find the truth. Join the team and share the knowledge already known, and yet to be discovered.

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The Crystal Tablets

The Crystal Tablets

About The Crystal Tablets

One of the consistencies of The Craft, throughout time, has been the "gathering place". A place where Followers of the Old Ways could come together to share knowledge, renew energies & celebrate the various Rites of Passage that make up the Hinges of an Eternity of Years.

The Crystal Tablets is a resource for those seeking a personal path to mystical wisdom and enlightenment that goes beyond the ordinary. If you are in search for the physical and mental tools that will help you attain self-realization, and lasting spiritual, emotional and physical gratification... You will find something of interest within.

The Crystal Tablets has taken advantage of cyber space to expand beyond just a collection of the Magick and Mystical products offered for sale in a hard copy catalogue to become a resource for shared ideals that can provide a sense of spiritual community as well as authentic, hand crafted tools of The Craft & Magick. All the Primary & secondary tools offered in The Crystal Tablets Collection were gathered, produced and consecrated using the traditional proscriptions of the Craft. We offer a wide range of herbal products for use in the bath, aroma therapy and cuddly critters to aid the sleep and soothe the booboos of the Pagan child.

Please come join me & others of "like minds" as we walk the Seven Fold Path of life, Celebrate the Wheel and share the joys and tribulations of being Followers of The Old Ways and seekers of stability in a New Age!

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VJ Enterprises

VJ Enterprises

V J Enterprises was started in 1992 by Joshua and Vera Shapiro. Joshua and Vera met in Brazil in 1990 at a metaphysical conference that Vera helped to organize and promote and Joshua was speaking about Crystal Skulls and UFOs.

V J Enterprises' web site is the Shapiros' attempt to share the best information about the coming Global Transformation, a prophesied Golden Age to arrive by the year 2013. They have various sections in the New Age and Prophecy; Crystal Skulls, Peru and a very large section about UFOs.

V J Enterprises is also the sponsor for NA NET Global (a network of New Age related Web Sites) and UFO NET Global (a network of UFO related web sites). Finally, V J Enterprises is a proud sponsor for the Planetary Light Network, a new service to create a central connecting point where spiritual and new age individuals can meet and share their projects and dreams.

Joshua and Vera also travel throughout the world offering classes and lectures (Vera teaches reiki as well) and they have many contacts all over the world
who are on the leading edge of the Global Transformation. From their travel and correspondences they try to share via the web site a variety of clues of how each of us can help in this transformation for planetary harmony.

Contact Information:

V J Enterprises
Attn: Joshua & Vera Shapiro
9324 Home Court, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Phone: (847) 699-8240 Fax: (847) 699-9701

email: Joshua -- rjoshua@sprintmail.com

Vera -- lopezshapiro@hotmail.com

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