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- on how to navigate this site.
(and other tidbits...<g>)
(Updated Without Regularity.)
Hint #1 - If you find yourself in a corner, use the "Back" arrow on your Web Browser until you get to familiar territory.
..."Click around"!
(or, see further instructions below...)



If the Chat Pages ( html pages that will work to get you into the chats), won't work for you, try the following...

If you download and install the necessary IRC software (available here!), and configure it to:

Server:, (Port 6667), Room #Doorways
That will take you to a chat room where you can "talk"/type, on-line, with other members of this forum.
This is where Conferences, General Discussions, and regularly scheduled meetings of many sorts will take place.

Many Friends of DD use "Pirch32" or "mIRC", but, if you haven't gotten IRC software yet, the default Java component should allow you limited access to this chat room.

All software used or recommended by us is available free for download via links at:
or at the link above.

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Messages: has links to all boards, mailing lists and Archives.

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Future Resources:

The Resources button will (someday) take you to the Library, the Software section, the Schedule, 'Friends' Homepages, and Web Links.

In our Library you will be able to find articles, books, pictures, and information on subjects we find relevant.
If you have special interests, you might want to let us know, and if you have material you would like to upload and make available to other members, for now, just send us an e-mail and we'll explain how to do it.

In the Software section various tools and links will be available to download software for viewing video and using voice chat.

In the Schedule section you can keep track of the various events offered at (not only) the Dimensional Doorways Web, by the various forums, such as lectures or classes, readings, or discussions.

The section of Web Links will take you to sites we deem of interest, both for information and general appeal, and also for download of useful software.

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Electronic "Tickets" will be sold here, for various "Dimensional Doorways" events such as classes, lectures, readings, healings, book signings etc.

Wherever possible, readings and healings will be given on an audio/video basis where you'll be able to hear the reader, as well as see the card spread. Or, if you're the lucky owner of a computer camera, the psychic or palmist will be able to see you.

For now, anyone interested in a Chart, Reading, Divination or Healing, please contact us in the Message board or by E-mail. We will make further arrangements from there.

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Thanks!! To our Friends...

First, I'd like to thank Christel, without whom my life would be a shell of what it is now. She truly is, "my partner, my friend, and my new life!" Thanks, Honey. <BG!>

Thanks too, to the Dimensional Doorways Retreat in Canada. (See our "Favorite Links")

Thanks to the "Ultra-Terrestrials", for "welcoming me on board" ....and giving me a whole new perspective on my life here!

Thanks to all the friends that have helped in oh so many ways. Those that have passed from this reality, and those that struggle on... Thank you!!

...and Thank God. <G>

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