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OBE Survey (Childbirth)
OBE Survey

Out of Body Experience...


(Out of Body Experiences)

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Are we more than our physical bodies?

If you have experienced actually leaving your physical body behind so that you could look at it from outside, you'll have to admit that we can. You may have found it difficult to recognize yourself, though. We're not often viewed by others as we imagine, and as we see ourselves when snugly inside our cover <g>

OBE - Out of Body Experiences - is a subject many are attracted by. But not quite so many have had experiences where they truly knew that they were separated from their bodies.

Sometimes a spontaneous separation happens, perhaps to the great surprise for whoever it happens to, but going out of body is also something that can be studied, practiced, and mastered.

Many books have been written about what happens when we go out of body, where we go, who we are when we are "out there", but especially, the books deal with techniques that we can use in order to actually deliberately leave our physical bodies.

The Monroe Institute

In Faber,Virginia, a very beautiful location in the US, resides an organization that all year round hosts courses and workshops teaching techniques that may lead to OBE's - this is The Monroe Institute, also known as TMI.

Its founder, Robert Monroe, who, unfortunately, for us <s>, is no longer with us in the physical, invented and fine tuned techniques that use sounds to balance or synchronize the hemispheres of the brain so that our consciousness moves on to other levels than the one we use in our daily lives. We can move to different Focus levels - from 1 to 3 - to 12 - to 15 and so on. In the various locations or Focus levels we experience different things. We might sense just a black void, or find ourselves in a setting with buildings and people, perhaps even a house of our own <s> We may meet with departed ones, perhaps some we knew when they were alive, and even help and guide those departed who are not aware of where they are and need guidance to go Home.

The Hemi-Sync techniques are practiced in so-called chec units, boxes or chambers, where the person practicing lies on a bed with headphones on, listening to sounds and guidance.

People who have participated in the TMI courses say that nothing is like going there, actually being with a group of like-minded people, sensing the spirit of sharing, and receiving personal guidance from the skilled trainers. But people not able to go to Virginia can listen to the TMI Gateway tapes at home, going through the exercises in the Gateway program, which has several sections or Waves, and will eventually teach the student to master several Focus levels, if not the more advanced ones.

Every exercise begins with The Gateway Affirmation created by Robert Monroe. It goes like this:

"I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the Physical World. Therefore I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience, to Know, to Understand, to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those that follow me. Also I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal to or greater than my own."

If you would like to know more about The Monroe Institute you can visit them at their website at http://www.MonroeInstitute.org/

A Mailing List "The Voyagers", where the use of the tapes is discussed, can be subscribed to at voyagers-request@monroe-inst.com.

An actual live human being is hosting the list, so ask politely to subscribe <s>

A subject popping up often is the "vibrations" that are apparently felt when on the threshold of an OBE - that is right before "the rushing" sound <g> - if you hear that you're really on your way.....Out of Body!

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