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Friends of DD Form

Thank You, for looking into Dimensional Doorways!!

Your Hosts, Elon and Christel Pierson

Welcome, to a new adventure!

  • Put up your feet and relax. Join us on one or more of the Discussion Boards if you'd like!

  • Stop by the TOYS section and take a few minutes to fill out the "Are you a Modern Mystic" Survey!

  • Check the Calendar for up-coming Classes, Conferences, and Chit-Chats!

  • CONTACT US, if there's something you want to do, or see here!

  • ALSO... We are looking for text to put in some of our sub-sections.

If you find a subject you feel motivated to write about, send it to us and we might just post it! (We'll give you credit of course!). ...We want to make this "YOUR" web site too! ...Write us, and tell us how! <G>

There is a lot of work here, and we don't always have things in tip-top shape, but we promise to try our best to make this a "Happy Place" to come and grow with us.


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